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Frequently asked questions

How do I know what stage my order is at?

To find out the status of your order, you can :
- Either go to the "Orders" section of your customer account to consult all the orders placed on our website.
- Or consult your mailbox, because at each stage of your order (validation, shipping, delivery), you will receive an information mail informing you of the progress of your order. 

Can television and the tablet interfere with my child's language development?

To promote language and language development, it's all about interaction, play and reading. Although the "Noorosciences" program recommends a few applications and videos, their use should be limited. When your child plays on the tablet, accompany him/her, listen, repeat, read and/or comment on what you see. The screens are only occasional tools and should only be used from the age of 4/5 years.

My child has a speech or language delay, can bilingualism make him or her worse?

Parents are often afraid that when their child has a speech or language delay, a second language will overburden him or her? However, scientific research proves the opposite. The majority of the world's population is bilingual. The fear of bilingualism often comes from monolingual people. Children with and without oral and written language disorders are all capable of becoming bilingual. Research on children with Down syndrome has demonstrated this (Kay-Raining Bird, et al., 2005).
In the case of language disorders, increase stimulation (while maintaining or adding a second language), do not decrease it.

My child doesn't answer me in Arabic, should I stop talking to him in Arabic?

Continue to speak to your child in Arabic even if your child answers in another language. Do not force him/her! It has been shown that forcing a child to speak a language can cause anxiety disorders, bed-wetting or even stuttering. The most important thing is that the child loves, respects and appreciates the language through activities, games, books and social interactions with his or her Arabic-speaking environment.

For a harmonic and efficient progression of the Arabic language in my children, how much training time do they need?

Try to allow half an hour a day to play, read and write in this language. Cases of hearing children of deaf parents give us valuable information. These children who are native speakers of sign language have very little exposure to spoken language. A study has shown that television alone does not teach these children to speak. On the other hand, an average of 8 hours per week of language stimulation allows these children to learn to speak normally. We can conclude that it is the quality of the interactions, the richness of the vocabulary and the supports that promote the emergence and acquisition of the language in children and not the duration of exposure.

What are the delivery times?

Delivery times are 2 to 3 working days after your order for Metropolitan France. For foreign countries, the shipment is made 1 working day after receipt of payment. The delivery time will depend on the country of delivery.

How to find a product in your Internet shop?

The search bar allows you to search for available items and training courses.
If you can't find a product, contact us through our contact form.

I'm having a problem with your website, what can I do?

If while navigating on our website or trying to place an order, you encounter a bug or a problem, you can contact us by using our contact form or directly by email at info@​noo​rosc​ienc​es.​com.

I have registered and ordered items but I have not received a confirmation e-mail. What can I do?

It is likely that the email "" is in the spam in your mailbox.
Check your spam and put the address "" as the "desirable" address to receive our mail directly.