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Bonjour Le jeu est très très beau et apprend aux enfants de belles choses. Merci pour ce jeu
ALBARQAWI - 28/03/2024
Bonjour Le jeu est très beau et enseigne aux enfants de belles choses. Merci pour ce jeu
ALBARQAWI - 28/03/2024
شكرا لكم
مرحبا اللعبه جميله جدا جدا وتعلم الأطفال اشياء جميله شكرا لكم على هذا اللعبه
البرقاوي يوسف - 28/03/2024
Thanks to this innovative method, I was able to review the main rules of Arabic grammar in a fluid manner. The training provides a wealth of knowledge and offers effective tools for learning in a fun way, I recommend it without hesitation!
I highly recommend...
I highly recommend the Noorosciences course for those who would like to share with their children their love for the Arabic language. Based on the recent scientific research and her extended practice as a speech therapist, Fatima gives valuable and clear information to explain the mechanisms of learning Arabic through her short video series.
She also laid out a roadmap which provides an exhaustive list of resources including books, games and apps for children to explore each area of the language (reading, listening, writing and speaking). I also love the games she created for our little ones.
Rim - 07/01/2020
The e-learning program was lively
The e-learning program was lively and engaging. Fatima shared many of her interesting work experiences so we can better understand why and how to use the strategies suggested. I have started implementing some of her tools based on my personal objectives and have already seen drastic results over the last month regarding my daughter's level of Arabic.
Faustine - 07/11/2019
Very lucky...
I have been lucky enough to play two of these games when they were still in the demo pack. The cards are gorgeous… truly pieces of art!!! They are so pretty that I am going to buy them all! The games are also really fun. I have never taken an Arabic class but still enjoyed playing with the cards. Now, I know my numbers from 1-10 well and am learning 11-20. I can’t wait until I can buy these games for my family so that we can play them again!
Kelly - 29/10/2019