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SINGULAR, DUAL, PLURAL, from the Koran
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Board game with the names of objects, elements of nature, insects and animals. These common elements are also found in the Koran. Each of them is presented in 3 forms (3 cards): its chord in the singular, duel and plural.

From 6 years old.


Linguistic Objectives

- To discover and memorize the chords in number (singular, duel, plural) of common words and contained in the Koran.

- Discuss the rules of number chords in the Arabic language.


Cognitive objectives

Work on attention, concentration, memory, mental flexibility and visual analysis.


Cultural contribution

This game is a tribute to Muslim Andalusia. Thus, a description of the Alhambra castle is offered to the players inside the box. 



60 cards of 20 different "families".


Tout savoir sur moi
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Mom of 2 children, speech therapist and designer of games and the Noorosciences program, I could see in my journey how passionate people and eager to teach Arabic lack practical, attractive and fun resources. The Noorosciences concept helps to fill this need. Literally, "noor" means "light" in Arabic. The aim of this program is to enhance the Arabic language and make it accessible in the light of neuroscience. Whether in family with his children or in class with his students, the Noorosciences program and games include several efficient cognitive strategies used in speech therapy...