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Teach and learn Arabic through play and in the light of neurosciences
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Teaching arabic through neuroscience

Teaching Arabic through neuroscience
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The Noorosciences program is the results of my professional experience as a Speech-Language Pathologist and my experience as a parent.
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330 min.
Supports and strategies designed by a qualified and experienced speech and language pathologist.
Innovative educational games for learning the Arabic language.
Games made with respect for the environment.
Games Made in France
Games manufactured in France.

Training details

Prerequisites :

It is not necessary to be a native Arabic speaker to teach this language, however, it is necessary to have the ability to read the written word in order to progress with the children as a parent.
It is necessary to dedicate 20 to 25 minutes a day for activities in Arabic (reading, board games, discussions...). The whole process will be detailed in the training. Some tools and PDF documents have to be printed. It is therefore necessary to have a color printer. Some materials must also be purchased either in our shop or elsewhere.The techniques for teaching reading or enriching vocabulary for example can be generalised and can be used on supports that you already have. If you have books in Arabic of the same linguistic quality, you don't need to buy another one to help your students progress.

Characteristics :

- Contents : 0 session
- Duration : 330 min.
- Level : Beginner

Summary :


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Mom of 2 children, speech therapist and designer of games and the Noorosciences program, I could see in my journey how passionate people and eager to teach Arabic lack practical, attractive and fun resources. The Noorosciences concept helps to fill this need. Literally, "noor" means "light" in Arabic. The aim of this program is to enhance the Arabic language and make it accessible in the light of neuroscience. Whether in family with his children or in class with his students, the Noorosciences program and games include several efficient cognitive strategies used in speech therapy...